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We Only Sell Reinke Genuine Systems and Parts…


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Underground Pipe Installation and Repair…

Pivot Replacement Insurance

Pivot Replacement Cost Insurance…

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Let Us Maintain Your Pivots And Help You Avoid Costly Breakdowns…



From the initial site analysis to developing your custom …

We Only Sell Reinke Genuine Systems and Parts


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Underground Pipe Installation and Repair

In addition to handling all of your above-ground irrigation needs, South Central Irrigation can design, install and repair all types of underground irrigation lines and risers, including custom fabrication and welding for fittings, valves, flow meters and check valves. We have the expertise and equipment to handle your projects in house allowing us to cut time and costs to serve you better. To learn more or for a quote on new installation or repair, contact Jarrod Watson.

Pivot Replacement Cost Insurance

Don't be caught unprepared

  • Replacement Cost Insurance For Pivots That Are 35 Years Old And Newer
  • Stated Value Policies For Older Pivots

We are committed to making sure all your irrigation needs are met right here, in one place. This includes making sure your systems are properly insured. Let us prepare a free quote for you, so you can compare your current policy with what we have to offer. We’ve done our research and know of no other policy with broader coverage. The best part is that we can offer the fastest claim service possible by using Jarrod Watson as our own local adjuster, which means less down time for you!

Preventive Maintenance

Let Us Maintain Your Pivots And Help You Avoid Costly Breakdowns

Are you spending too much time and money on maintenance? We not only pride ourselves on delivering quality service as soon as you need it, we also offer a preventative maintenance program to inspect and repair any major issues in the off season saving you on expensive in season repairs and down time. When you sign up and let one of our highly trained staff members inspect your system, we will recommend any needed repairs and offer a discount on any parts and labor you may need to get ready for the upcoming season.

Grain Bins

“From the initial site analysis to developing your custom grain storage plan to final completion of the project, GSI’s established dealer and contractor network is with you every step of the way, committed to supporting you and your operation’s growth. As you continue to grow, GSI grows with you. From 1,000 bushel (25.4 MT) bins all the way up to 1.9 million bushels (48260 MT), our full line of grain bins and accessories are customized to fit your needs and maximize your profitability.”

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We have a team of highly skilled field technicians on call when you need us. Whether it is a same-day emergency or a general maintenance issue you want fixed right away, we are here to give you the best service around without having to wait for it.

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